Corporative and Government

We offer the widest range of solutions for a company to keep coordinated and informed in real time with first generation technologies and methodologies for all budgets.

Community generation and management
A brand can communicate everything that a community needs in real time by applying filters to its membership, and adapting evaluations questionnaires.

WEB Development
We provide solutions based on web development (cloud computing and software as a service) easy to access via internet from fixed and mobile devices.

Our WEB solutions can be accessed and used from any personal computer according to the user’s needs.
Among our range of solutions we offer WAP services, which can be easily used from any mobile device.

We develop WEB/WAP product catalogues with online purchase and payment mechanisms for those brands that desire to have a strong online presence.Our platforms include robust business inteligence modules.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Our lengthy market experience allows us to offer the necessary systems and tools to position Websites on internet browsers with great efficiency.


Mobile Corporation Applications
We offer solutions based on al the main operation systems of the market, such as Android, iOS and JAVA, installed and used in and from a mobile phone and tablets.

Sales Force Automatizing
We optimize a company's sale force through a group of mobile applications meant to automatize corporations on the following areas: SFA, CRM, SCM and DMS.
Business 2 Business

We develop mobile applications for interaction between companies, from data network communication to logistics and distribution processes automation.
Machine 2 Machine

We develop mobile applications for machine-machine interactions, from vending machines to vehicles or heavy machinery.
In the area of Mobile Applications for Corporations, we have integrated applications that perform measurements on systems and vehicles in a remote and automatic way, through special devices.

Digital certificates
We offer solutions for authentication, electronic signature of documents and electronic transactions between users and WEB platforms, achieving reliable and certified corporate applications.

Public-Key-Infrastructure -PKI-
Public key is the integration of hardware, software, people, policies and procedures necessary to create, manage, distribute, use, store and revoke digital certificates as a base for corporative mobile applications. Our experience in this area is wide.

Digital Documents
We generate digital documents that use electronic signatures, which link a public key to an identity. This process validates the used infrastructure as belonging to a determined person or organization, offering maximum security.

File downloading


Movibanca, leader in financial technological solutions, has become one of the main Mobile-Banking platforms at an international level, creating a technological network that has integrated banks and mobile operators from different countries for more than five years.
Currently, Movibanca offers integral solutions to the end clients of banks and operators, ranging from balance consultations to mobile payments directly debited from checking, savings and TC accounts, and recently adding its new solution of mobile Remittance Reception.

Mobile-Pocket, is a tool with which you can make purchases and payments for goods and services via mobile phones. This platform allows transactions more secure, comfortable and fast, turning mobile phones into payment mechanisms for any consumer in shops.
Mobile banking is presented as an effective alternative for the growth and development of financial economy, especially in countries with little infrastructure, since implementing it produces several advantages:  At customer level, providing them with a more effective system to make their transactions, and at internal levels, producing savings thanks to the fact that the customers can operate out of the financial entities. It should also be mentioned that your customer service will improve greatly,  allowing for any transactions regardless of time and place? Maybe? Unclear. The freedom provided by cell-phone operations, compared to traditional services, is invaluable.

MoviBanca is a platform that offers its clients a convenient and wide range of financial services, including: balance consultation, account movement, blocking of checks, credit and debit cards, reception of consumer alerts and service payment transactions.  Also, it allows for transferences between accounts, air time recharges for mobile phones, payment of services provided by the same bank, like cards, insurances, loans and invoice payments. We have a special Mobile Remittances service, and a Corporative Message service to undertake procedures with the customers and for external and internal communication in the company.

Movibanca keeps its clients updated and informed of all their activities, saving time and money by effectively performing secure and comfortable transactions from any place through our mobile banking.

Movibanca takes banking to a mass level, integrating all financial practices and turning every account holder into its own banking agency. With our platform, users can make Micropayments, enjoy the service of Mobile Remittances and implement Corporation Messenger service through their cell phones.

Every cell phone is a bank agency today with our banking text messages service.  Account holders can check their balance, make payments and manage their finances easily and securely.

COST Savings
The services that Movibanca offers will allow your clients to reduce their expenses and maximize their time. This will, reduce both the number of operations at tellers’ windows and the payment of commissions.

Your clients will enjoy multiple benefits operating with Movibanca:

No time restrictions
Time efficiency
Low costs
High security