About us

Our History

Ebclosion is a company created with a vision of excellence. Our  goal  is to contribute to the progress of humankind through technological solutions in a world that evolves at a fast pace. With this purpose in mind, Ebclosion has developed technological platforms that provide answers to your creative and technological needs for today’s rapidly evolving local and international markets. Our platforms aim to spearhead solutions for a wide range of organizational fields and industries always offering excellent professional advisory and technological support.

From the beginning, Ebclosion met the need to develop the technology required to solve the demand for value-added services. It developed the operational know-how that made it possible to develope technological platforms to be commercially profitable.  Examples of this are the value-added services for SMS (text messages).

At Ebclosion we identified high potential needs on cell phone platforms with the goal of servicing the financial, media (radio, TV, newspapers) and entertainment industries, among others. This implied integrating to regional cell phone operators’ text message and other added value services platforms.

At Ebclosion we have expanded  our technological capacity to the rest of the Latin American market leading the development of mobile phones usage beyond traditional frontiers, creating a safe tool for mobile banking transactions and the first purchase via SMS (text message).

Because from day one Ebclosion has never stopped growing and innovating, our technological platforms and services have become a vital part of the operational culture of many important Latin American companies.

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