Mobile Marketing

Loyalty Programs
Our points and rewards platform will increase your customer's loyalty and preference.

Customer data-base generation and management
Our Promologik and Globalogik platforms will help you create profiles for your customer base and build up their loyalty for your brand. Our platforms will allow you to send information about discounts, events, promotions and recent news to all of your community members.  You will also be able to create profiles and strengthen your brand’s relationship with your target market.

Immediate activation of new customers
Direct communication of sales and specials via text message
Cause immediate reaction
Database segmentation and profiling.
Daily reports of activations and behavior.

Cost- effective marketing campaigns
Increased income
Immediate mass communication
Increased outlet traffic
Community generation

The Community module allows outreach and communication with your clients via SMS. This process takes place in real time and allows the development of user profiles by sending questionnaires and trivias.

The system generates reports of all information sent and received.  Text messages can be scheduled to be sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The system has been created with international good practice regulations in mind.

It’s direct, pertinent, private and it provides a sense of exclusive membership. It increases your sales in a direct and economic way. It builds customer loyalty. It communicates special events. It allows you to know your client.  “Focus Group” enquiries allow to immediately receiving community opinions.

Mobile Applications
A brand can reach the highest level of intimacy with its market by launching using mobile applications. This intimacy will generate interest and loyalty on the customer’s part.