Mobile Entertainment

Content Development
Our Mobile Entertainment unit offers users a wide range of options to download on their cell phones. Whether they are images, videos, ringtones or ring-back-tones, customers will always have an option that will satisfy them. Our multiplatform system offers a vast array of trandactonal options, according to the downloaded material and to the platform required by the content. Due to our close relationship with mobile phone companies in the region and our solid relationship with recording companies, we enjoy a strong presence in the Americas.

We have the capability, experience and  necessary resources to generate virtual games that can be used online or personalized as a part of a 360° campaign, thus strengthening the positioning of the brand.

Our Audiolab Studio is in charge of generating audio files and designing and developing audio materials. All of our audio material may have our own trademark or with paid rights, either in their original versions or modified to a comical or customized version.  

We can turn the ringtone, which was originally conceived as an audible alarm activated by a mobile phone when a call enters, into a brand sweeatake's strategy.

Ringback tones
The ringback tone is an audio file, whether it be a melody, a song or a human voice recording, that the user sets as a calling tone, for the caller to hear. Among the comprehensive solutions that we offer, is a package that promotes your brand through this audio system and our vast audio library, available to both, final user and private companies.

We offer a full array of visual animation and recordings to bring your brand to life.

We create presence through image management. Images can be downloaded into cellphones through specific webpages.


Mobile applications

We develop applications for mobile phones according to our client’s requirements. A clear example of this is our Movibanca, an app that allows users full control over their financial transactions

Platforms for Content Development
We have ample experience in creating multiplatform content and material, which allows us to offer mobile content for telephone companies and broadband aggregate servers tailored to your specific website needs and requirements.

We develop contents that can be managed on the internet:
Much more

We offer excellent quality and user-friendly content, easy to access and download.

As part of our solution packages, we offer the Interactive Voice Responder system, which guarantees cost-efficient service. IVR can also be applied to mobile phones.

Alternative communication systems, such as mobile messaging, ensure that your clients will always receive your information. SMS/MMS are also an excellent means  for promotions. Due to its high level of practicality/user-friendliness, short text messages have produced  excellent results in sweepstakes in which a message is sent in order to participate in a contest.